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Colored and Stamped Concrete

AccuColor Colored Concrete System by ConRock

The Sky is the Limit in Colored Concrete Choices with ConRock's AccuColor System

Our new AccuColor system is installed at our Blacksburg plant, and is ready for you r project! AccuColor represents the latest in concrete coloring technology. Liquid dyes are injected into the concrete mix at the plant using the latest in computer controls. This allows us to offer a near limitless color selection (click here for a color chart) while keeping the color as consistent as possible between loads of concrete. Additionally, mixing color integrally with the concrete in lieu of adding powdered color to the surface, results in a uniform color throughout the entire concrete section.

Stamped and Colored Concrete by ConRock

Colored concrete can be further enhanced by utilizing the various stamping patterns and release colors that we offer for sale or rent. Please contact our helpful sales staff for additional information or pricing.

Benefits of utilizing stamped/colored concrete:



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