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Nudura Insulated Concrete Forms

High performance Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building systems offer advantages over traditional construction methods for both residential and commercial structures. Overall, buildings constructed with ICFs are more energy efficient, stronger, quieter and even healthier!

ConRock's sister company CMG offers Nudura, a complete concrete forming system. To learn more about Nudura, please call (540) 982-7099 or (888) 275-0101.

What is an ICF?

Insulated Concrete Forms by ConRock

ICFs are lightweight, interlocking foam panels that remain in place as a functional part of the wall after the concrete is poured. The insulating qualities of the foam panels, against noise and weather, combine with the strength and stability of the reinforced concrete, resulting in an exceptional wall.

Why Use ICFs?

The advantages of using ICFs over traditional construction are in energy efficiency, strength and safety, and construction efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

The foam panels surrounding poured concrete prevent air infiltration and avoid energy loss through spaced studs. ICF walls also prevent basement energy loss through uninsulated walls. Equivalent to R-50, ICF construction will give owners ongoing savings in heating and cooling costs. ICF buildings can be as much as 44% cheaper to heat, and 32% cheaper to cool. Savings incurred with lower energy bills will soon cover the installation costs.

Strength and Safety

An ICF building constructed with reinforced concrete will stand up to storm winds better than a traditionally constructed building. In addition, ICF panels are more fire retardent than wood frame construction, with a fire rating of 3 hours.

Construction Efficiency

Insulated Concrete Forms by ConRock

ICF building systems are simple and flexible, speeding up construction time. With the foam panels remaining as part of the finished wall, the cost of hauling wood for forms, building and removing them at each job site is eliminated.

Additional Benefits

Health factors - CFCs and HCFCs are not used in the production of ICFs, so no toxic fumes will seep from the ICF construction into your home.

Sound insulation - ICF construction reduces the amount of external noise that gets into a building. The solid concrete and foam panels combine as an effective barrier to noise, allowing quiet comfort inside.

ICF Construction

Insulated Concrete Forms by ConRock

After site preparation is complete and footings are marked, the ICF units are placed along the perimeter of the building. The form units are laid in courses, with webs added on each course. The webs allow for placement of additional horizontal and vertical reinforcements.

Vertical bracing provides support and alignment as subsequent courses are placed. After the concrete is poured and cured, this bracing is removed, leaving a true vertical ICF wall.

To place electrical wiring and plumbing, races are cut into the foam using a hot knife or other tool. A variety of exterior finishes like siding or stucco can be used on an ICF building.



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